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Prasavaraksha Chikithsa

Prasavaraksha Chikithsa

Prasavaraksha Chikithsa

June 12, 2023


The entire cycle of Pregnancy till delivering a child is life-altering for a woman. Through the span of nine months, she experiences physical, emotional, hormonal and psychological changes.

Postpartum period is an important phase of transition in women’s life following childbirth. starts following the expulsion of the placenta until complete physiological recovery of various organ systems when maternal physiological and anatomical changes return to the nonpregnant state. In Ayurveda, the postnatal period is called as Sutika Kala, First forty five days after delivery is considered as sutika kala and the care given during this whole postpartum period is mentioned as Sutika Paricharya

It Include Aushadha(medicines), Ahara(diet) and Vihara(activities)


               Generally  after labour the mother will be tired and may not be feel hungry. First 3 to 5 days light food in less quantity is given which can promote energy. Greens like fennel (shathapushpa) and jivanthi (Leptadenia reticulata) can be used as a curry in daily diet.

Authentic text books of ayurveda such as Charaka Samhita,Ashtanga Hrudayaetc advices to give gruel processed with Panchakola(group of five drugs ) in order to improve agni.

Presently medicines which contain panchakola like panchakolasava are given to sutika

Susrutha samhitha advice to give r kshirayavagu saturated with drugs of Vidarigandhadi gana.

Though this is not a stage of illness, but there is an increased need of supplementation for food and special nutrition. After delivery, for three months after the initial stage, women should be given shathavari rasayana one teaspoonful twice daily followed by milk. This will enhance lactation and also helps in overall wellbeing of the woman. Alternatively, one can give half teaspoonful of Shathavari churna twice daily with milk Proper monitoring with suitable lifestyle shall bring back the sound health in women.

External Therapies

               External treatments are essential to restore muscle tone and strength.

Initially full body dhara is given to reduce any kind of inflammation.


Massage of whole body with Bala taila, dhanwantharam tailam etc.

 It reduces the physical exhaustion which was produced due to labour

Bathing : After oil massage bathe given with water processed with Nalpamara, Dashamoola,Ushira etc

Other treatment procedures like pinda swedas,bandaging , shirodhara etc are given as per the need of sutika.

Vihara – The physical activities

In case of normal deliveries, the woman should be encouraged to indulge in simple physical exercises especially those that would tone up the abdominal muscles. Fumigating the room with guggulu, neem ghee and other materials keeps the atmosphere pure and these ingredients do not cause any harm to either the mother or the infant. Attention should be given to the excretory functions like defecation and micturition etc. At this juncture the suppression of the natural urges as well as initiation of the same can become cause for various diseases.

Pathya (Dos):

1.Adequate rest and Diet is most important.

2.Sutika should have bath with plenty of Water.

3. Boiled water should be taken for drinking purpose.

4. Adequate sleep should be followed

5. Udaravesthana (Abdominal bandage) should be done.

Apathya (Donts):The following things are prohibited :

  1. Physical and mental stress
  2. Cold water,food etc
  3. Strenuous activities
  4. Spicy and Junk foods
  5. Caffeine


As sutika kala is a critical period for women, it needs a proper management and care with specific diet, mode of life and aushadhi. In sutikakala, there is vitiation of vata, therefore it is most advisable to take vata shamaka drugs. Abhyanga also plays most significant role to pacify vata dosha. In sutika paricharya, most of drugs have been prescribed by various authors in single and compound form both. During sutika kala, woman needs a special management and care for proper and healthy growth of new born baby as well as for maintenance of her own health.

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