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Devamritham Vaidyasala

"തലമുറകൾ തലോടിയ ആയുർവേദത്തിന്റെ അമൃതസ്പർശം"

Devamrutham Soothika Vibhaagam

Devamrutham Soothika Vibhaagam

“Step into a safe and healthy motherhood through Devamrutham”

Devamritham soothika ensures you a worthwhile experience for the mother and child by providing finest pre and post-natal care at your doorstep and we have an expert panel of medical team to monitor mother and child who wish to get treatment done as our special guests.

  • Unique personalised treatment designs and warmth of traditional medicinal formulations straight from the forebears are our distinctive features.


  • Treatment for different gestational ailments.
  • Stretch mark prevention therapies.
  • Pre conceptional and pre-natal counselling and care.


  • Comprehensive health care after delivery includes internal medications to restore uterine health, enhance breastmilk production.
  • Advice for healthy breast feeding and care.
  • Treatment for insufficient lactation (hypogalactia)
  • Care for postpartum depression.
  • Therapies to restore the muscular tone.
  • Devamrutham offers special treatments like Abhyangam, Kizhi, Dhaara, Bandaging, episiotomy care, Anjanam , Dhoopanam.
  • Hair care and skin care includes head massage, medicated fumigation for hair, Mukhaabhyangam(facial massage) Mukha lepam.
  • Personalised diet for each mother prepared in homely and hygienic conditions.

Our specialities

  • Different packages are available for 7/10/12/21 days
  • Along with Prasavaraksha , beauty care therapies are available on demand.
  • We offer doorstep post-natal care by providing all necessary facilities.
  • A/C, Non A/C rooms

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